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skills and expertise

Our Business Intelligence & Data Management Experts have skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Data Architecture, Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, ETL, Data Mining, EDI, Mapping
  • MSSQL Server 2008/2005/2000/7.0, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, OLAP Cube Analysis, SQL Server Mirroring, SQL Server Clustering, SQL Server Replication, SQL Service Performance Tuning, MS Access
  • Oracle 9i/8i/7.3, Oracle Reports, PL/SQL
  • Sybase IQ, Teradata, DB2, Sybase ASE/SQL Anywhere, MySQL
  • ERWin, PowerDesigner, Oracle Designer, XML Spy, Together Control Center, Visible Advantage, CA Repository
  • Microstrategy, Brio, Business Objects, Crystal Reports/Seagate Crystal Info, Hyperion Essbase, MS Analysis Services
  • Informatica, Datastage, Metastage, Qualitystage, MS DTS, Mercator
Business Intelligence & Data Management Practice

If you are ready to use your transactional data to identify new market opportunities, improve customer relations, or optimize your business operations, Logisolve's Architects have the experience to help you realize your goals. Whether you are starting from a data mart or beginning with an enterprise-wide data warehouse, Logisolve's Architects have the process and expertise to insure success. Logisolve's Architects can provide a true best-of-breed solution for your Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence business problems.

Business Intelligence is one of the most powerful initiatives undertaken in business today as it enables companies to transform the large amounts of business data dispersed throughout their enterprise into a distinct strategic and competitive advantage.

Our team can help your organization build its own BI Organization/Program, establish a BI Delivery Process, design a BI Architecture, deliver key BI and Data Warehousing solutions, or provide key BI experts to augment your existing team

What is a Business Intelligence Organization

The existence of a strong Business Intelligence Organization within your own firm fosters a continuous Program or Capability around Business Intelligence.

Logisolve can help you create a BI Organization with its own organizational structure, guiding principles, established architecture and methodologies, standards, quality expectations, defined capabilities/services, and measures of cost and value.

Having a strong Business Intelligence Organization within your company allows you to provide more accurate, timely, and actionable information to help make better business decisions. It also helps align Enterprise Architecture with Business Strategy and positions your organization to manage change more effectively. Your organization will also increase the value of your enterprise information with a lower overall total cost of ownership.

Logisolve's Business Intelligence experts can develop a BI Organization Roadmap that will guide your company in establishing an effective BI Organization.

Characteristics of a good BI Organization and Strategy:

  • Appropriate Program Positioning - Clear understanding of program positioning and communication of capabilities, internal and external marketing of services, and revenue-generating solutions.
  • Business Alignment - Objectives are business driven, results align with business goals and are measurable and actionable, and the design is user-focused.
  • Valued Added Information - Turn raw data into information, and proactive data/metric stewardship.
  • Resource Alignment - Define new roles and responsibilities, clear communication of architecture and delivery process, and position the team for success.
Business Intelligence Delivery Process

A BI Program has a long-term focus, ensures cohesion/consistency among projects, lasts throughout the life of an organization, and measures success by business impact and return on assets (Revenue Generation & Cost/Risk Avoidance).

BI Projects, on the other hand, are time-boxed activities that have start and finish dates and are relatively short in duration. They measure success by on-time delivery, within-budget, percentage of required scope, and return on investment (Payback).

The Business Intelligence Organization/Program must implement strong delivery processes to support the delivery of BI Projects. Logisolve can help develop standard/reusable artifact templates, measurable/repeatable processes, clear artifact owners, a clear dependency chain, granular artifacts that allow for parallel delivery, CMM-compliant processes, and Sarbanes/Oxley-compliant processes.

Business Intelligence Architecture

A proper BI Architecture is crucial to allowing your organization to build long-term, sustainable, and effective solutions for your organization.

The architecture chosen for you organization should 1) leverage open, industry standards, 2) support high volume and have high availability, 3) support predictable and unpredictable scalability, 4) provide high-quality rapid deployment, 5) provide an "enterprise view" of business events, 6) have a layered/tiered approach to enable loose coupling, and 7) provide conformed dimensions to be shared across the enterprise.

Logisolve recommends a centralized BI architecture over a decentralized or independent model.

  • Centralized - Data marts built off integrated data warehouse with granular data, data-driven integration, and highly integrated and flexible (higher initial cost).
  • Decentralized - Data marts built directly from source systems, integration forced through standards only, and some integration and flexibility (medium initial cost).
  • Independent - Stand-alone, and data marts built from source systems with no enforced integration (lower initial cost).
Business Intelligence Project Delivery

A good BI Program Information Delivery Strategy will contain BI Projects for the following types of solutions:

  • Self-service applications that supply any data, anywhere, anytime.
  • Applications that support enterprise-wide internal customers.
  • Extensible solutions for external consumption.
  • Centralized repository for analytical and historical information.
  • Core applications for integrated decision support.

We can help you deliver any of the solutions mentioned above. Logisolve's team delivers customized Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that create bottom-line value for clients. We dynamically integrate information into the management decision-making process to improve business performance.

Contracting Services

In addition to the services and solutions discussed above, Logisolve can also help augment your existing team with the right mix of technical resources including data architects, database designers, data modelers, information architects, database administrators, database developers, SQL/PL-SQL developers, and data warehouse architects.

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