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Logisolve is a leading business technology services provider. We deliver the right solution every time to meet our clients’ unique business objectives. We are fast-moving, innovative and a powerful combination of strong technology expertise coupled with strategic insight.

SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: Cash Association & Reconciliation Solution
Our Cash Association & Reconciliation Solution (CARS) assists both Revenue Cycle Operations and Accounting groups by leveraging tools that helps automate daily tasks and provides enriched data to allow for comprehensive reconciliation and reporting related to a Provider Organization’s cash receipts.
Better results ... Faster
Better results ... Faster
When deadlines are pressing, you require highly experienced project management professionals to help support and manage your project timelines. LogisSolve's Project Managers will help you achieve better results ... faster.
Healthcare Industry Expertise
Healthcare Industry Expertise
LogiSolve is an industry leader in healthcare consulting providing nationally-recognized products and services to the healthcare community.
ePrescribing Gateway
SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: ePrescription Services & Gateway Module
LogiSolve has a toolset available to our customers for electronic prescribing integration. The component allows our customers to achieve connectivity and certification faster with less cost.
Microsoft .NET Architecture & Development Services
Microsoft .NET Architecture & Development Services
We specialize in custom .NET business applications and web sites that help our customers achieve their specific business objectives. In addition to our custom application development expertise, we also provide .NET contracting services.
Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing Services
LogiSolve’s Mobile Computing Consultants are experts at enabling mobile ready applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and most other popular mobile devices.
Business Analysis Services
Business Analysis Services
LogiSolve's Business Analysts are the top 10% of BA's available in the marketplace. Business Analysts are responsible for gathering and translating the client's business requirements into a functional solution and for carrying out project activities related to analysis for the implementation of software by a client.
Quality Assurance & Testing Services
Quality Assurance & Testing Services
At LogiSolve our goal is to increase the quality, stability, efficiency and overall health of our client's business systems. Our QA/Testing consultants are highly experienced, professional people who are passionate about quality and helping clients improve every aspect of their business.
Business Intelligence & Data Management Services
Business Intelligence & Data Management Services
If you are ready to use your transactional data to identify new market opportunities, improve customer relations, or optimize your business operations, LogiSolve's Architects have the experience to help you realize your goals.
Java Technologies Architecture & Development Services
Java Technologies Architecture & Development Services
LogiSolve's Java Technologies Practice specializes in providing development expertise and services to customers, using the Java/J2EE platform, for a wide variety of business applications, including mission-critical business applications, business portals, e-commerce applications, websites and corporate intranets.
Java Technologies Architecture & Development Services
We focus on the future of IT. Our goal is to provide you with amazing talent that you can build your company around. We provide you the best and brightest. These talented indiviuals are the farm system of the present. One day they will become the major leaguers of the future!
Experienced consultants

LogiSolve's consultants are the top 10% of the talent available in the marketplace today. Our Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Technical Architects are all Senior-level with an average of 12 years of experience delivering quality results for their clients.

The right fit for our clients

LogiSolve is committed to finding the right resources or team required to deliver results for your company. We will only recommend resources that have that special blend of skills to fit your unique situation and help your organization achieve its goals.

LogiSolve's key ingredients

LogiSolve believes in a three circle model of excellence supporting our Clients, our Consultants, and our Company. To achieve success, we feel that it is imperative to focus equally on the needs of our three major stakeholder groups.

News, Latest Projects, and Job Opportunities
Creating Consistency in Process Through Workflow by: Steve Krinke
LEADER INSIGHT: 2/26/2021 12:00:00 AM

A process in your company may be done by multiple people, it could be completed multiple different ways, and it may use or involve multiple systems. Most likely there are many processes throughout your company. You may have a belief that these processes are being done consistently the same way, but no real proof without a lot of analysis across multiple systems.

Workflow will provide consistency and efficiency through the following:

  • Defining a process that every person will follow
  • Provide a history of events so that bottle necks and inconsistencies can be easily found
  • Enable the use of multiple systems without needing to train individuals on each of the systems
  • Make it much easier for a person to move from one area of the company to another without extensive training

Workflow develops a defined processed that is driven by the system; not the individual. This creates consistency on how the process is done.

Workflow provides a history of each step/event in the process. This creates a detailed account of the process makes it easier to determine where bottlenecks or issues reside.

Workflow allows multiple systems to be accessed and the retrieve data to be used throughout the process. It will also update the systems as needed. This avoids multiple entry points and the possibility of entry errors. It also reduces the number of systems a user needs to learn down to one. With workflow the person can easily transition from one area of the company to another with out having to train on new systems.

All of this adds up to consistent, efficient processes through out your company. Saving both time and money along with adding greater flexibility to easily move staff to area where they are most needed.

If you would like to learn more please contact me at

LEADER INSIGHT: 2/19/2021 12:00:00 AM

OAKDALE --       As most of you know by now, the Logisolve Health Sciences Capability has been developing solutions in the clinical messaging space since our inception - which is coincidentally about the same time electronic prescribing started gaining transaction more than 20 years ago. Over the years, we have developed solutions that connect electronic medical record systems (EMRs), pharmacy systems, and pharmaceutical benefit management (PBM) systems for the purpose determining, prescribing, and filling a prescription. Our latest integration involves a pharmacy system that was already connected for electronic prescribing, but through another vendor. They decided they have reached a point where they would like to connect directly to increase their flexibility and remove their dependance on another company. They were referred to Logisolve due to our experience in exactly this type of solution. After initial meetings, it was determined that the best approach would be to introduce a small Logisolve team to work directly with their technical team. They would handle all pharmacy system development while Logisolve would create the integration server that would be compliant with all NCPDP (the pharmacy standard used for transactions) requirements. The Logisolve team would also have resources that are subject matter experts in NCPDP , needed certification, and clinical messaging. After we scoped out the needs of the pharmacy system, we put together the team to quickly create an integration module that will interact with them. After a few short months, the project will be wrapping up with certification this month. It's been a great project where teams from both companies work together to make a very productive technical team. We enjoyed working with team members from Europe and throughout North America, and of course Minnesota. Meeting people from different parts of the world is a great side benefit of the project-based work we are involved with at Logisolve. If you want to know more about the solution developed, let me know.

EXECUTIVE SPOTLIGHT: 2/18/2021 12:00:00 AM

Everyone knows that successful relationships require effort and a combination of key ingredients to stay successful. They take work, they require flexibility and compromise, and above all, the individuals or parties in the relationship must earn trust.

In hopes of warmer weather soon coming our way and so many having re-discovered the fun and fulfillment of growing their own fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, I am reminded of a gardening analogy for building relationships where essentially relationships require the same foundation, patience and cultivation as a thriving garden. The gardener and plants finding that together the whole is greater than its parts.

At Logisolve, our relationships are the essence of our business. We strive to ensure that our customers are "the plants" in the garden, and we work diligently to provide them with the nourishment they need to be the best they can be, reaching their goals.

We begin our relationship engagement with active listening and seek to understand the current and ongoing challenges our customers face in achieving their short- and long-term goals. Through Logisolve's proverbial gardening tool chest of capabilities, we can offer industry expertise, best practices consultation, as well as offer up the years of experiences, skills, and talents that our consultants bring to in a variety of areas.

It's always rewarding to engage for the first time with our customers, but it's the long term, ongoing, continued cultivation of our customers' ever growing and changing ambitions that keeps us going. As our relationship maturity grows, so does our ability to create truly effective partnerships.

Like a rich, nutrient laden soil, Logisolve's core capabilities remain a solid and familiar foundation for our customers to consistently rely on. As the world evolves, and new challenges and opportunities show themselves, we continue our efforts to lead, evolve and adapt. Over the last 18 months, Logisolve has continued to expand and diversify our engagement models and capability offerings to include flexible solutions to business and IT Leaders' biggest challenges. We have recently stood up a mobile technologies team, cloud and scientific computing capability, a US development center, and offshore capabilities. Our data management practice continues to evolve around Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, and IOT. Our Organizational Transformation, Performance Improvement, Program Management and Delivery, and Managed Services teams have gained a great deal of steam due to the elements of speed and efficiencies it brings to many project teams. Our Digital Solutions capability continues to offer more innovative approaches to engagement.

What drives our evolution, and our ongoing success is our commitment to long term relationships with our customers. These relationships are built upon years of a solid foundation and an innovative approach to addressing and anticipating the evolving challenges our customers face. As we look to 2021 and beyond, we will continue to find new ways to nourish, grow and support our clients while being certain to always listen first, be transparent, honest, flexible, and creative.

LEADER INSIGHT: 2/5/2021 12:00:00 AM

Have an Idea? But not sure where to start?

Logisolve has provided management and technology services in the twin cities for over 20 years. We have gone through many transformations during those years. We are a team-based culture focused on continuous improvement.

Through the years we have grown through staffing, to service lines and practices, to now a combination of capabilities, partnerships, and joint ventures across both services and products. We have developed unique relationships through the years. Logisolve prides ourselves on being very flexible in how we engage and partner with our customers. This flexibility has allowed us to get really creative.

Here are some highlights of our creative partnerships;

- Beanware – CARS (Cash Reconciliation) – Logisolve created a joint venture with a national health system to create a commercial software product for revenue cycle management.

- Configure to Order – Online Marketplace – Logisolve created a joint venture with national manufacturer to design, build, and manage an online marketplace that allows customers to configure to order highly complex industrial products.

- ePrescription Gateway – Logisolve partnered with a leading e-Prescription Hub to build a product to certify organizations ability to automate connectivity to the Hub.

- Supply Chain Predictive Analytics – Logisolve created a joint venture with a national health system to create a supply chain predictive analytics product.

- Medication Adherence – Logisolve partnered with a startup company that needed our expertise on interoperability between companies. We provided architectural and technical expertise to connect to outside groups for clinical messaging.

- Operations Workbench – Logisolve’s Dev Center built a commercial software product for financial operations and commissioning of broker and sales teams.

Does your organization have an opportunity to get creative? Logisolve has a one-week Rapid Solutions Workshop, where we can accelerate the development of a solution / business plan to transform your organization. Whether it is Business, Digital, Data, Cloud, Agile, or other transformation, Logisolve has an approach to help you get creative!

Keeping up with ePrescribing
SOLUTION UPDATE: 1/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

MINNEAPOLIS -- The deadline for migrating to NCPDP version 2017071 has come and gone!  If you haven't upgraded your EMR, Pharmacy System, or PBM software to transmit prescription information in this latest version, you are out of compliance with Medicare Part D ePrescribing mandates put out by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Surescripts has granted a buffer period to allow all parties a little more time to get the needed upgrade completed and are providing translation services from the older versions to 2017071.  But time is quickly running out.

If you would like assistance in getting this upgrade completed prior to the sunset of the older versions, Logisolve's Healthcare Services can help.  We have taken many companies through the process, including Electronic Medical Record Systems, Pharmacy Systems, and Pharmaceutical Management Systems (PBMs).   Our experienced teams knows the old and new standards extensively and can upgrade your system in a shorter period of time, getting through certification quickly and efficiently. Our team is made up of subject matter experts, translation specialist, along with technologist and we can work with you at any level of involvement you deem appropriate.   

Let us know how we can assist!

What our Clients are Saying ...
  I wanted to share a big thank you for finding us the most recent process leads and the several other roles. It was evident in the interviews that you listened to the need, identified candidates with the right background, prepared them well with information about the transformational effort as well as the role, and found people who fit the culture of the group. You are a true partner to us and it shows in how successful these hires have been and continue to be. The fact that we were able to get into a ½ hour rhythm to get through interviews efficiently was a result of the prep you did. I know that you have an engine of help with this recruiting process working with you, so a thank you to them as well.   
-- JW
    EPMO Manager
    Healthcare Client
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