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Logisolve is a leading business technology services provider. We deliver the right solution every time to meet our clients’ unique business objectives. We are fast-moving, innovative and a powerful combination of strong technology expertise coupled with strategic insight.

SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: Cash Association & Reconciliation Solution
Our Cash Association & Reconciliation Solution (CARS) assists both Revenue Cycle Operations and Accounting groups by leveraging tools that helps automate daily tasks and provides enriched data to allow for comprehensive reconciliation and reporting related to a Provider Organization’s cash receipts.
Better results ... Faster
Better results ... Faster
When deadlines are pressing, you require highly experienced project management professionals to help support and manage your project timelines. Logisolve's Project Managers will help you achieve better results ... faster.
Healthcare Industry Expertise
Healthcare Industry Expertise
Logisolve is an industry leader in healthcare consulting providing nationally-recognized products and services to the healthcare community.
ePrescribing Gateway
SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: ePrescription Services & Gateway Module
Logisolve has a toolset available to our customers for electronic prescribing integration. The component allows our customers to achieve connectivity and certification faster with less cost.
Microsoft .NET Architecture & Development Services
Microsoft .NET Architecture & Development Services
We specialize in custom .NET business applications and web sites that help our customers achieve their specific business objectives. In addition to our custom application development expertise, we also provide .NET contracting services.
Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing Services
Logisolve’s Mobile Computing Consultants are experts at enabling mobile ready applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and most other popular mobile devices.
Business Analysis Services
Business Analysis Services
Logisolve's Business Analysts are the top 10% of BA's available in the marketplace. Business Analysts are responsible for gathering and translating the client's business requirements into a functional solution and for carrying out project activities related to analysis for the implementation of software by a client.
Lean/Agile Services
Lean/Agile Services
With advanced Lean/Agile/Product Capabilities, Logisolve produces subject matter experts to ensure success. Locally owned and operated, we provide direct involvement of Owners and Capability Leads and are available at a moment’s notice. Logisolve has 20+ years of successful delivery across a variety of different industries, customers, and projects.
Quality Assurance & Testing Services
Quality Assurance & Testing Services
At Logisolve our goal is to increase the quality, stability, efficiency and overall health of our client's business systems. Our QA/Testing consultants are highly experienced, professional people who are passionate about quality and helping clients improve every aspect of their business.
Business Intelligence & Data Management Services
Business Intelligence & Data Management Services
If you are ready to use your transactional data to identify new market opportunities, improve customer relations, or optimize your business operations, Logisolve's Architects have the experience to help you realize your goals.
Java Technologies Architecture & Development Services
Java Technologies Architecture & Development Services
Logisolve's Java Technologies Practice specializes in providing development expertise and services to customers, using the Java/J2EE platform, for a wide variety of business applications, including mission-critical business applications, business portals, e-commerce applications, websites and corporate intranets.
Java Technologies Architecture & Development Services
We focus on the future of IT. Our goal is to provide you with amazing talent that you can build your company around. We provide you the best and brightest. These talented indiviuals are the farm system of the present. One day they will become the major leaguers of the future!
Experienced consultants

Logisolve's consultants are the top 10% of the talent available in the marketplace today. Our Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Technical Architects are all Senior-level with an average of 12 years of experience delivering quality results for their clients.

The right fit for our clients

Logisolve is committed to finding the right resources or team required to deliver results for your company. We will only recommend resources that have that special blend of skills to fit your unique situation and help your organization achieve its goals.

Logisolve's key ingredients

Logisolve believes in a three circle model of excellence supporting our Clients, our Consultants, and our Company. To achieve success, we feel that it is imperative to focus equally on the needs of our three major stakeholder groups.

News, Latest Projects, and Job Opportunities
Logisolve completes another successful Electronic Prescribing of Control Substances (EPCS) implementation project
SOLUTION UPDATE: 3/13/2023 12:00:00 AM

Logisolve partnered with a juvenile justice agency to successfully integrate an e-prescribing, with controlled substances (EPCS) workflow into their existing EHR. Implementing an e-prescribing with EPCS workflow into an EHR provides a range of benefits that include, enhanced patient safety and improved prescription security to increased efficiency, cost savings, and better patient experiences.  Logisolve’s Health Science Solutions Team provided upfront consultation and guidance to key stakeholders, including third party vendor selection, project sizing, resource planning and workflow design recommendations. Throughout the project, Logisolve's team of experienced consultants educated the client on best practices for e-prescribing workflow, NCPDP standards, DEA regulation and certification. Leveraging Logisolve's experience through up-front planning, execution, and development contributed to the client's success in meeting their project goals and objectives on time and within budget. 

To learn more about how Logisolve's Health Science Solutions Team can help your organization implement an e-prescribing with EPCS solution, please contact Rob Mohr ( or Melissa Brown (

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) added to the ePrescribing Gateway

OAKDALE -- Logisolve's ePrescribing Gateway has proven to be a great time/cost savings for partners that need to implement ePrescription connectivity.  Last year, we upgraded our solution to utilize the latest SCRIPT version 2017071 required by CMS.  This year, we have added the functionality for electronic prior authorization (ePA).

ePA allows the payer and the physician to communicate with each other electronically with the intent to determine if the payer will approve the payment of a medication that requires approval. This communication has historically been done with time consuming faxes and phone calls.  Today, with the user of the latest NCPDP SCRIPT standard, it can be done seamlessly through the physicians EMR. Logisolve assists with this process by providing a framework that can quickly be implemented within the EMRs or Payers environment to handle all interaction with the intermediary.  This not only speeds up the development cycle, but also the certification process required to utilize this capability on the network. 

If you wish to learn more, please reach out for an overview and demo.

Scalable, Web, Mobile and Cloud Solutions with Leadership Provided by Top SME's
LEADER INSIGHT: 4/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

OAKDALE, MN -- A decade ago, software outsourcing was seen as an attractive option for enterprises that wanted to lower operational costs overall when the purpose of the organization was not primarily focused on the IT industry. Nowadays, as the demand for IT resources continues to increase exponentially, outsourced and offshore software development has become part of most company’s resource model.

Once a customer is convinced of the benefits of a variable technology resource model, they look at the right local, offshore, hybrid and/or FTE mix to do the work. Logisolve's Development Center gives customers the ability to outsource work locally, at a significantly lower cost than using 40-hour-per-week consultants. In short, Logisolve’s Development Center gives a hybrid, local option that offers the benefits of offshore with the assurance of local, trusted resources. Our Development Center also has the flexibility to secure resources from our Offshore team when preferred or when necessary.

What is the Logisolve Development Center?

The Development Center is a core team of resources with structured software development practices dedicated to providing development capacity both externally to Logisolve clients as well as internally to Logisolve.

Below are some key facts about the Development Center and our team:

  • Currently consists of 5 FTE core team members with the ability to scale up FTE’s based on workload.
  • We are also able to add specific technology SME’s when necessary.
  • With Logisolve's deep pool of experienced consulting talent across the software development spectrum, we are able to provide the right mix of resources for the team at the appropriate times during a project.
  • Uses a structured work intake process and development activities are managed through DevOps.
  • Utilizes Agile development methods when appropriate and conducts daily standups with Development Center teams and client leadership when necessary.
  • Made up of Minnesota-based resources managed by experienced technologists.
  • Depending on the project and the client’s objectives, our project teams may also include client FTE resources and/or our own Offshore resources.
  • Focused primarily on Web, Mobile, and Cloud solutions. The Development center has access to both Azure and AWS development environments.

What type of work is done out of the Development Center?

The Development Center has picked up a lot of steam in the past few months, and we are very pleased to be currently engaged on 8 different software development and support projects.

The type of work varies, but the Development Center is structured to effectively take on the following type of work:

  • Out-sourced custom development. This may involve development of a new end-to-end solution or it might involve the development of new enhancements or modules for an existing application. Logisolve has the ability to not only provide development services, but we can also provide the project managers, scrum masters, business analysts, and quality assurance analysts needed to support the team. A majority of our work is either out-sourced custom development or variable work as described below.
  • Variable work. Development work that ebbs and flows over the course of the year. This type of work is ideal for the Development Center and allows our clients to stay focused on their key initiatives while we handle the overflow work.
  • Long term support and maintenance – contract or by the hour. We can provide support and maintenance services for an existing client application or for an application built by our Development Center. Support and maintenance contracts can be a flat monthly fee or by the hour. We are currently providing support and maintenance services under both monthly fee and hourly agreements.
  • Capacity Boost. Basically, this is the ability to provide a development capacity boost to a team at a critical point in a project. Recently, the Development Center team provided 750 hours of development capacity over a 4-week period to help a client get a project over the finish line.

Logisolve is extremely excited to continue providing cutting edge capabilities to our customers. For more information on our Development Center, please reach out to me at or contact your Logisolve Account Representative.

Remote Mentoring Opportunities at Logisolve
LEADER INSIGHT: 3/19/2021 12:00:00 AM

Like many other areas, career mentoring has taken on a new feel in today’s work place and has become more “remote mentoring”. I was recently asked to help develop a remote mentoring program with my alma mater, St Mary’s University of Minnesota to match graduating seniors up with alumni for career development in the industries of the student’s majors. While the program has traditional mentoring expectations; provide insight for career direction, sharing knowledge & experience and being a positive coach, it does so in a remote environment with scheduled video calls rather than meetings for coffee or lunch. Regardless, the impact of having a coach/mentor still provides the benefits for both parties.

I am fortunate enough to have a neighbor who is a senior executive at a large corporation who I look to for my coaching and mentoring. While our periodic lunches and coffees have been paused, we still find time to email or talk by phone for my informal mentoring sessions. I feel it always helps to talk career situations with someone with other perspectives.

At Logisolve, we have many ways to get involved with coaching and mentoring. Our Capability Leaders are not only subject matter experts in their respective fields, they also act as mentors for their teams with career direction, industry insight and coaching tips on project situations. In addition, several of our senior consultants have participated as mentors for our Ingenio consultants. We were fortunate to have 6 senior project managers onsite (before Covid) to mentor/coach each our of 6 associate project managers at our largest client. After speaking with both the mentors and mentees, there was always positive feedback and benefits that each party got out of the program.

Jeremy Mann, one of our Senior Business Analysts has also mentored several of our Ingenio consultants, including a recent consultant internship at another one of our larger clients. The feedback I received from our intern was always very positive on how helpful and encouraging Jeremy was during their mentoring sessions.

Coaching and mentoring may be all the more important now during these times. If you are interesting getting involved with being a coach/mentor or want a coach/mentor at Logisolve, please feel free to reach out to Heather Miner (Ingenio Capability Lead – or myself (

We will look to get you connected.

What's in a Name?
SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: 3/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

OAKDALE, MN -- As it turns out, quite a bit of work actually.

Many of you may already be aware of the efforts that the “CARS” team has been taking to create a new, cloud-based solution for cash management and reconciliation. The plan is to build a scalable design that will allow for greater flexibility to fit clients of various organizational size as well as being industry agnostic. Our current CARS solution, which has been in production for over ten years, has proven to be extremely dependable for mid to large-size healthcare provider groups, but requires the client’s internal IT support and infrastructure. A cloud-based solution will allow for greater operational control for Logisolve and facilitate a more efficient, rapid deployment of updates and enhancements while guaranteeing that all of our clients are consistently utilizing the same version of the solution.

Fortunately, we have highly-skilled individuals working on the technical architecture of the new solution along with subject matter experts providing business requirements to ensure that the end product will meet expectations. What we don’t have yet is a name. What should the new solution be called? While ‘CARS’ has history and has built up some name recognition and a favorable reputation over the years, it is directly associated with the original design and architecture and we are intentionally trying to establish a separate, wholly-new product and identity with our cloud-based solution.

The “experts” say that a name should be simple, easy to pronounce, and descriptive/representative of what a product does. The name ‘CARS’ was created mostly by accident; it was simply derived from what the application did: ‘Cash Application/Reconciliation Solution’. We were lucky enough to stumble upon an acronym that made sense while also being simple and pronounceable. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite had our eureka moment yet with the new product.

We’ve road-tested some different names so far and ‘Beanware’ (i.e. software for bean counters) has gotten the most traction, however, much like sharing a planned name for a newborn child, everyone has opinions on why a name doesn’t work. With Beanware, it is a combination of the fact that apparently some accountants are a bit sensitive and don’t care for the term along with other more negative connotations that exist around the use of the phrase bean counter. Who knew? I do now.

The other learning along the way is that it seems nearly every two-syllable word is already in use either as a product or as a .com. The URL has most likely been claimed already and is now for re-sale at a premium price. All owned by domain parkers. Not actively being used but available for ransom. There is a whole world of domain parkers and brokers out there waiting for someone like us to fall in love with a name and be willing to let them cash in on having the “foresight” to acquire it. It would pain me to have to fork over any money to this seedy industry, so maybe it means moving on to .org, .biz, or .finance?

So, what’s in a name? Well, sometimes it’s a no-brainer and a natural, easy fit and other times it takes quite a bit of brainstorming to find the perfect match. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out where we land for our new solution although I shudder at the thought of receiving all of the “constructive” feedback once we decide to make the new name public. Sometimes too many opinions can be a bad thing!

In the meantime, if inspiration strikes, feel free to send your suggestions to

What our Clients are Saying ...
  I wanted to share a big thank you for finding us the most recent process leads and the several other roles. It was evident in the interviews that you listened to the need, identified candidates with the right background, prepared them well with information about the transformational effort as well as the role, and found people who fit the culture of the group. You are a true partner to us and it shows in how successful these hires have been and continue to be. The fact that we were able to get into a ½ hour rhythm to get through interviews efficiently was a result of the prep you did. I know that you have an engine of help with this recruiting process working with you, so a thank you to them as well.   
-- JW
    EPMO Manager
    Healthcare Client
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