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Clinical Messaging Services

Logisolve has had the opportunity to be closely involved with the inception, design, and enterprise-wide delivery of multiple enterprise solutions related to the exchange of electronic data for pharmacy services. As a Healthcare focused solution’s company with emphasis in technology and business process, our business is to deliver custom enterprise solutions for our clients. Many of those solutions have been around pharmacy/benefit related verticals.

Clinical Messaging has gained steam as of late due to the success of electronic prescribing. Now that physicians are comfortable with the exchange of script information, they are asking for additional functionality to further remove the need to handle paper. Clinical Messaging is the industries answer to that request. Logisolve has had the opportunity to be involved with the design and implementation of the capability for a physician, payer, and/or pharmacy to securely communicate with each other.

Our Clinical Messaging Experience

One example of our experience in clinical messaging is the implementation of the ability for a Nurse Practitioner to communicate with a patient’s primary care physician. Previously, a patient could be receiving treatment from a Nurse Practitioner without the PCP being aware of the treatment. The implementation of a messaging solution allows the NP’s system to systematically send a patient visit summary in the form of a Continuity of Care (CCR) document directly to the physicians EMR. The physician can then choose to accept the discrete data directly into their EMR or save it as external information.

Another example is the implementation of a electronic prior authorization solution. Utilizing proposed standards, Logisolve assisted with a system that allows a physician to request and respond to a prior authorization request prior to it being sent to the payer for processing. The solution saves times for all parties by being proactive to the request rather than reactive after a medication is denied due to the need for a PA.

There are many business drivers for this type of message exchange that have not yet been design and developed. Logisolve offers experience in this space to assist all parties with implementing this capability in a secure, standardized, and time sensitive approach.

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