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recently upgraded

Our eprescribing gateway module has recently been updgraded to SCRIPT version 10.6 and x12 version 5010.

what our customers are saying

meridianEMR created an integration to the Logisolve ePrescription Gateway Module (ePGM) in order to implement SureScript’s Formulary Benefit & History requirements to be fully compliant with CCHIT 2011 meaningful use requirements for EHR vendors. The ePGM server cut in half our development time and allowed us to concentrate on user workflow and medication data in our application. The ePGM server is like an appliance that is capable of performing all of the formulary, history, and SureScripts reporting requirements by generating and interpreting proprietary XML, flat file formats, and X12 270-271 messages into a consistent well defined XML format to our application. In short, the ePGM server provides the functionality and automation necessary to fully implement SureScript’s Formulary and History requirements that would had taken our IT team months to implement.

-- Melvin Guevara
    Senior Software Engineer

ePrescription Gateway Module

The ePrescribing Gateway Module is a toolset available to our customers for integrating with Surescripts for electronic prescribing. The component allows our customers to achieve connectivity and certification faster with less cost.

Module Services

The module provides both connectivity services and data load services. It allows the clinical vendor to interact with defined web services rather than creating a well formed NCPDP or x12 transaction. This simplified web service allows the vendor to be isolated from changes made by NCPDP or Surescripts related to the standard. It also performs the data load services required to process the large formulary data files.

Transaction Data Services:

  • Eligibility Service: Creates a well formed x12 270 request and is able to process the multiple formats of a x12 271 response.
  • Medication History Service: Creates a well formed medication history request and is able to process a fully loaded medication history response. Handles multiple requests where needed.
  • New Prescription Service: Provides the service that will properly format and send a New Prescription to Surescripts.
  • Refill Request Processing: Service that receives a Refill Request and makes it available to the clinical application.
  • Refill Response Service: Provides the service that will properly format and send a Refill Renewal Response to Surescripts.
  • Change Request Processing: Service that receives a Change Request and makes it available to the clinical application.
  • Change Response Service: Provides the service that will properly format and send a Change Response to Surescripts.
  • Cancel Request Service: Service that sends a Cancel Request to Surescripts.
  • Cancel Response Service: Service that receives and properly processes a cancel response.
  • Electronic Prior Authorization: Service that handles the back-and-forth communication needed to go through a prior authorization process between a physician and a payer.
  • RxFill Processing: Service that properly receives and processes a RxFill message.
  • Prescriber Registration: The service that registers a prescriber within the Surescripts network.

Data Load Services:

  • Formulary Load: Handles the download of the formulary raw data from Surescripts into module defined formulary data schema. Handles the “roll-up” of data for display purposes based on the vendors chosen drug database. The current module contains support for the First Database Drug database product.
  • Pharmacy Directory: Handles the download and display of pharmacy data for the purposes of pharmacy selection.

Display Services:

  • Formulary Display Service: A service that will determine the correct formulary information to be displayed for a given patient and medication.
  • Pharmacy Search: Service that allows the requesting application to search and display the desired pharmacy.

Admin Services:

  • QA Report: Module to create the Surescripts required formulary display QA report.
  • Activity Report: Module to create the required physician activity report.

The Module is delivered to you as a single component. Any modification needed to the existing code set will need to be performed by Logisolve.

Cost Savings

Based on previous experience, Logisolve estimates that to produce the functionality identified in the module above, it could take a typical development team 6-9 months to produce. By utilizing this module, you can take advantage of the best practices Logisolve has learned and developed over the past 7 years and greatly reduce your overall development timeline. Out of the box, your application can integrate with Surescripts in a well formed and certification ready form. Please contact Logisolve on pricing options for this module. Additional services are available to you to assist with implementation where needed on a time and materials basis.

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