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skills and expertise

Our Mobile Computing Developers have skills and expertise in the following technologies:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
Mobile Computing Practice

Logisolve’s Mobile Computing Consultants are experts at enabling mobile ready applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and most other popular mobile devices.

Business Needs

The United States has more active mobile devices than people. A major push in business is to create sales and customer service applications on mobile devices to create competitive advantage. Consider these figures as of the close of 2012:

  • Over the year, mobile advertising in North America grew from $304 million to $701 million. The developing world also doubled, moving from $196 million to $410 million.
  • As of 2012, 30% of respondents said they preferred to shop via a website on smartphone or tablet.
  • Portio research predicts users of mobile email will quadruple by 2015.
  • Mobile internet users are growing at nearly twice the rate of desktop internet users.

A major challenge for all mobile device projects is the almost unlimited manufacturers of device platforms and applications. Native web applications need to be scaled and architected to reside on the most popular devices in use, and the market changes quickly.


Logisolve’s Mobile Computing Group is an industry leader in mobile data integration and mobile application architecture. Whether your goal is to increase operational efficiency or improve your customer service, Logisolve has the technical expertise to help you take advantage of real-time information sharing through mobile devices. Logisolve’s mobile device experts enable web site, data of all kinds and customer information to be accessible on mobile devices. Examples include:

  • On-line mobile device purchases on ecommerce sites.
  • Allowing customers to use their mobile phones to track sales and delivery status.
  • Product comparison & price shopping on mobile device.
  • Quick access of information related to sales, billing, service & delivery.
  • Re-engineering operational processes with mobile devices to create business efficiency.
  • Utilizing phone, camera, GPS, video, live chat and video, customer service, and operational opportunity.
Logisolve Approach

Logisolve uses a light-weight project management methodology on top of an iterative development approach. Our approach to software development builds quality assurance into the construction process, producing thoroughly tested solutions at the unit, module and system level.

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